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Precautions for the use of lubricating oil for heavy steam parts


The lubricating oil of the heavy steam parts is equivalent to a person's blood. It plays a vital role, so what should be paid attention to when the heavy steam fittings are used in lubricating oil? Let's introduce it to you.

1. first, make sure that the oil surface is flat with the oil face. The height of the oil surface is checked by the oil face on the side of the shell, and the oil surface is added to the hole. The height of the oil surface should be checked regularly. The car should stop on the level of the road when the height of the oil surface is checked, and it can be carried out in the rear of the car for half an hour.

2. the oil surface height and leakage of the lubricating oil should be regularly checked and supplemented when necessary. In order to prevent the chemical reaction of different types of lubricants, the same type should be guaranteed in the supplement of the lubricating oil.

3. a regular replacement of the lubricating oil for the repair of the heavy card. When the gearbox is replaced, the original lubricating oil in the gearbox should be first cleaned and the filter assembly is cleaned. The new transmission must be replaced by the lubricating oil at 2000-40000 kilometers.

The above is the attention to the use of the lubricating oil of the heavy steam fittings that you have summed up. In the ordinary time, we must pay attention to these points. If you have any demand in this area, welcome you to call us and look forward to your cooperation.