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The role of thrust rod in automobile suspension system


The vehicle suspension system refers to the whole support system composed of the spring and the shock absorber between the body and the tire. The function of the vehicle suspension system is to support the body and improve the feeling of the ride. The different suspension sets will make the driver have different driving feelings. And the thrust rod is one of the components of the car suspension system, which is suspended in the car. What is the function of the system?

In the automotive parts, especially for the heavy duty auto parts, the requirements for the thrust rod are high and the function is the original part of the elastic part. The role of the thrust rod is to prevent the body from tilting when the car turns at the crossroads. The thrust rod is made of high strength, high toughness spring steel, most of which is in English. The letter U is placed on the front axle and rear axle of the car. The rod itself is linked to the sleeve and frame. The ends of the rod are fixed on both ends of the suspension. When the vehicle runs on the straight, the suspension of the two sides does the same deformation, and the thrust rod does not work at this time.

When the car turns in the bend, the suspension will be deformed on both sides of the body when the body is tilted. The lateral thrust rod will twist and the elastic force of the rod itself becomes the back force of the side, which is the stable function of the body in the structure.